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"We think Disney could learn a thing or two about what a female protagonist should look like..from Burka Avenger"
"No superhero compares to the Burka Avenger."
"When the world needs a hero, one steps forward."
"Burka Avenger set to go global."
"Slick computer animation, fast-paced action and humor that even adults can appreciate"
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"A cartoon series that is turning stereotypes on their heads..."
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"Meet Pakistan's new Wonder Woman, 'Burka Avenger'"
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Burka Avenger Comic Book Series

Based on the original animated TV series. 


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Rocket Rickshaw

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Haunted House

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Jack In The Bot

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 11.33.50

Ranjha Hood

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Burka Avenger and The Giant Slingshot Tank

The Burka Avenger comic books make use of augmented reality. Each comic comes with its own unique AR animation that can 


be accessed by downloading the Burka Avenger app and finding the Augmented Reality Icon hidden inside the comic book. Once found, hover over the app cover the icon to reveal an exciting animation. 


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About Unicorn Black

Burka Avenger is a production of Unicorn Black (Pvt) Ltd. Unicorn Black is a multi-award winning and internationally reputed animation production company. Best known for producing Burka Avenger animated TV series, Unicorn Black is a full service animation studio, handling all phases of production from concept art to final delivery. Other popular animated series produced by the company include Teeto and Tania and Quaid Se Batein. ​

Burka Avenger was first released in 2013 and the franchise has since taken the world by a storm with over 200 million views on YouTube, 52 full length episodes, merchandise, children's learning guide and a comic book series. Burka Avenger was created and produced by producer, director and music icon Haroon.

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