Peace Train 3D Animation Training Program

Program Duration: 7 months (classes 2-3 days a week) 

Mode of instruction: Online via Zoom 

Level:  Beginner 


Learn 3D animation (using Maya software) & Storytelling. Learn skills that will not only enhance your creativity but also prove useful in a professional capacity. This program is designed to familiarize students with Maya Software and its different applications for 3D animation to create captivating animated sequences that tell compelling stories. You do not need to be a professional at Maya to join this program, basic knowledge will suffice.


Module 1:  CG Overview and Introduction to Animation Pipeline (3 weeks)

This module will provide students with an overview of CG and introduction to the animation production pipeline including key processes such as Modelling, Rigging, Texturing, Animation and Lighting/Rendering

Module 2: Storytelling & Script writing (6 weeks)

This module will introduce students to the art of storytelling and how to write short scripts with a focus on peacebuilding through storytelling. Students will be taught how to identify, understand and engage their audiences through powerful storytelling. 

Module 3: Animation (13 weeks)

Students will learn about the 12 principles of animation paired with practical exercises. The module is composed of two parts, with the first half focused on theory and the second half focused on practical knowledge via given assignments (i.e walk-cycle, interactive scenario, push and pull sequences etc).

Module 4: Final Project (6 weeks)

Students will work in groups to create 3D animated videos of at least 30 seconds. Students will first write and develop a unique story script with a strong peace message and then develop it into a 3D animated video. 


The Art of Storytelling and

Writing Short Scripts


Importance of cinematography in your animation planning, including basic composition and lens selection

Full character animation including body movements, facial animation and lip sync 

Convey emotions like happiness, anger and other emotions using 3D characters



Peace Train is a project by Unicorn Black (Pvt) Ltd. Unicorn Black is a multi-award winning and internationally reputed animation and transmedia production company. Originally known for pioneering the Burka Avenger TV series, Unicorn Black is a full service animation studio, handling all phases of production - from concept art to final delivery. Major Awards and Accolades won by the company include:

  • Peabody Award winner (USA)International Emmy Award Nominee (USA)

  • Best TV Show: Asian Media Awards (UK)

  • Gender Equity Prize: Prix Jeunesse (Germany)

  • Rising Star Award: Canada International Film Festival


  • Minimum 12 years of education

  • Basic knowledge of Maya Software


100% scholarship based program.


Interested candidates may apply here:


How will I know I am selected for the program?

Due to the high volume of submissions received and the limited number of seats available, we can only cater to a select number of students. If your application is selected for the next round, we will contact you ourselves via email shortly.

How long is the program? When are the classes?

Peace Train 3D Animation Training program is 7 months long. Classes will be held in the evening via Zoom. Exact details regarding timings will be conveyed to selected students.

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